‘Pandora’s Box’

IMG_9272Strolling through Gunwharf Quays when I spot this little kid who had found her way over into the shop window display.

She was not alone however, as her smaller sister was sitting reading a book alongside her.

I liked the way she was peering out at the shoppers and holding her little reading book, but unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time available to me. I literally aimed the camera composing the image in my mind’s eye and then fired off the shutter.

Almost as soon as the image was captured so then the girl’s father appeared; from the shop floor and whisked both sisters away and out into the shopping mall to join their mother..

It would have been a bonus to have a little more time and to perhaps get the shot I had hoped for. Still I quite like the the way this one actually turned out in the end.

Not much more for me to add really, except maybe to thank everyone who is stopping by today. And just to say hello to any of you kind followers to this my blog page.

Please know that your visits are always welcome, and indeed very much appreciated by me.

Cheers guys, enjoy your day.

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