Went over to Hayling Island by the “Ferry Inn’ to catch the tide with my boy and the grandkids; and to see how they would get on paddleboarding for the first time.

As you can see they were all properly equipped and we found them a safe and shallow inlet where they could practice their new found skill. Even the dog got involved when he wasn’t actually chasing his tennis ball. We hit the tide just at the right time and considering this is late October; the weather was beautiful and the water itself actually quite warm.

Anyway we stayed down there for a couple of hours until the sun started to go down, before then piling the kids into the back of the estate car and peeling their wet suits off them all.

Finding fresh clothes and towels we attempted to warm each of them up whilst endeavouring to remove ingrained sand from between their little toes.

The dog of course was vigorously rubbed down as well, before being wrapped in a large bath towel. We then all ended up in the pub’s car park sitting in the car sharing crisps and salted peanuts and enjoying our afternoon drinks.

I think that this paddleboarding malarkey promises to be a hobby which will most definitely be one they all want to try again… weather permitting of course.

It was absolutely great fun and very good for improving the kids confidence in the water.

Our Diesel was in his element to say the least and was exhausted when we eventually got him back home later that afternoon.

We hired the boards as they are very expensive to buy. Some costing as much as £800.

Then again if paddleboarding becomes a skill you really do enjoy, and which get’s you out in the fresh air and keeping fit, then that often brings with it the added incentive to save up all your pennies and hopefully eventually get one of your own.

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