‘Bangles and Beads’

IMG_7551I was lucky enough to snap a photograph of this woman you can see in front of shot.

She had the most beautiful calmness about her… almost spiritual in a way.

Now in contrast if you were to look at the three women walking up behind her, you will note that they are all dressed in a similar fashion or style. (Bit like they all just fell out of Marks and Spencers shop window.)

This lady however was very much her own person and dressed in her own unique manner. Which was not necessarily in keeping with the Chichester norms.

And it was this which really appealed to me about her.

Personally I like people who aren’t afraid to look different. People who stand out from the rest. Rather than being content to just fitting in and inevitably blending in with their surroundings.

Obviously a religious person as she wore a multitude of crucifixes around her neck; possibly these were self made from an array of stringed tiny coloured beads. On each of her wrists she wore similar style bangles along with a selection of silver rings with precious stones on the fingers of both hands.

I loved the little sewn on patch of Mighty Mouse which she had hand sewn onto the left leg of her jeans. Finally the motif on the front of her cap which surrounded her Whoopi Goldberg style dreadlocks simply read… CHILL.

Love it! Good lady good advice for a Monday I would suggest.

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