IMG_0981I liked the composition of image as soon as I saw it. There were these two individuals standing outside of this tile shop in Chichester assumingly discussing colour matches?

Now if you take me as an example; I have absolutely no clue at all when it comes to matching tiles to wallpapers or bathroom furniture or whatever.

I do though often try to appear interested when my wife is authoritatively explaining such things with me. I listen with keen interest about how she personally sees things matching up as it were.

Sometimes I will even knowledgeably tilt my head and stroke my chin before saying something profound to her like “Oh yeah I see now what you’re saying babes…I think we should definitely go for that one then”

Obviously though I can’t truthfully see anything at all regarding a possible colour match. I do however know one thing for sure. If ever my missus tells me something’s she’s selected is going to work…then trust me, it is definitely going to work!

I am just very lucky that she possesses these talents. Because left to me, we would probably now be living in a multi coloured mismatched psychedelic 60s style home, decorated in a style somewhat reminiscent of a bad LSD trip.

So anyway the lady you see on the left of shot is the shopkeeper who is patiently awaiting some sort of response to her ideas from the buyer especially now that the choices can be seen in daylight conditions.

However, a bit like myself when it comes to making such decisions this lady shopper was obviously not yet completely convinced about what was being suggested.

So whilst in this state of indecision, she then commenced to stare down at the samples supposedly seeking inspiration from them? And then she began to gently stroke the side of her face, before quietly repeating to herself “Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm”

Decisions eh?

For all I know they are both still standing there today.

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