‘Age before Beauty’

IMG_7362Caught this image as I was heading up through towards the town centre the other day. The weather as you can see from the image was pleasantly warm, hence the young woman in shot was quite happy to be wearing her cool shades, her bright blousy top and shorts… and those super comfy flip flops.

As the temperature here in UK begins now to drop away, and the dreaded darker nights are drawing in; it is going to be a case of making the most of whatever good weather remains.

Unless of course one can afford to fly off to the Mediterranean or preferably for myself at least; the Caribbean. (Nice thought eh?)

Due to some additional expense this year we are both going to be at home on our aptly named ‘staycation’ having massively enjoyed the amazing wedding of our daughter Jodie to her partner Stef. We thought we best get settled in with some travel brochures and start planning for a break next year instead. Unless of course I win the lotto.

So it looks like the best place for us to be over these coming few months will be indoors. Wrapped up in our blankets, lying on the settee, and preferably savouring a nice malt whisky whilst watching some crap repeat programmes on the TV.

Bliss. C’mon…what’s not to like?

I do of course intend to get out though whenever possible. Just me and my trusty old camera, capturing what will hopefully become some memorable images for my blog site.

Having said that though, I think that any fantasies I might be harboring about striding out wearing my favourite old shorts and comfortable flip flops, are most definitely out of the question.

Roll on the warmth of summer; that’s what I say?

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