‘Go Pro’

IMG_4708Now then, apart from being very well padded in most of her vulnerable areas, and wearing a suitable protective helmet; there are just one or two things about this novice skater which caused me concern.

Obviously it is good to see that she was being supported by her partner as she takes her first potentially hazardous few unpredictable steps forward, and into the world of skating.

However in such a scenario, I felt that the ‘GoPro’ camera strapped around her chest was probably not one of the best ideas at this tentative stage in her learning process. Especially as having initially watched her progress, it would appear that she was less than confident in her own ability. Demonstrating only a modicum of natural balance, or coordination.

However, please note at this point that it is not my intention to sound rude or patronising. It is only that as an ex-paramedic who has witnessed many accidents involving novice skaters; it would not necessarily be the sort of video take she may wish to revisit at a later stage.

Particularly if this were viewed from say a hospital bed in A&E? Heaven forbid.

In the second instance though; and probably my main concern at the time was that she was actually being led up this busy cycle lane where cyclists can be seen travelling at a fair old lick at times.

After then witnessing a couple more frantic grab and re-balancing gestures, accompanied by a look of sheer panic as her skates slid from underneath her; I decided that it might be best I go and take a sit down and drink a cup of coffee over in the Beachside cafe nearby.

Here I could relax and stop worrying about possible catastrophes occurring. Here I could enjoy a hot drink and just maybe listen out for any ambulance sirens heading in the general direction.

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