‘Real Pals’

IMG_0972This dear lady in the image here today absolutely adored her little old Jack Russell Terrier; of that there was absolutely no doubt in my mind.

I had seen them both a short time earlier in the town.

She was kneeling down tugging away at, and rearranging his little jacket. Tightening up the velcro strap just so that he stayed nice and warm on their walk.

He meanwhile was busy excitedly licking her hands and face, thinking it was all a bit of a game they were enjoying together. He happily stood there with both his front paws placed firmly onto the front of her light coloured raincoat leaving his dirty paw marks all over it.

His lady owner however, never even seemed to notice.

She then stood up whilst he waited at her feet staring up obediently at her. She then placed her headscarf over her head and tied this off into a neat little bow beneath her chin, before then patting him and leading him away towards the market place. Presumably to buy her groceries for the week?

She also proudly wore her poppy on the front of her overcoat and somewhat eccentrically I thought; she was still wearing her carpet slippers.

So I captured this image as they both strolled on past me, and momentarily reflected on just how much the friendship of a faithful old pet can actually mean to a person; no matter what their age or circumstances.

To quote the words of Mark Twain – ‘The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.’

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