‘Father and Son Time’

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My son Duncan kindly offered me a day out with him over at Brands Hatch race course for a track day. This is something I get to do whenever the opportunity presents itself, and it’s something I always value, and never fail to enjoy.

This unfortunately meant an early start for us both. By an early start I mean that I was up and ready before 4:30am waiting for my son who was fashionably late. He actually got to me around about 6:30am though we were hoping to be meeting friends around about 5:30am and then all travelling up together.

I made us sandwiches and boiled a couple of eggs for our breakfast and I even took fruit and biscuits and snacky stuff for us to scoff en-route to the venue.

Pete (a friend of my boys) had fortunately booked a garage which meant that should the stormy rainy weather promised actually arrive; then we had a fair degree of shelter.

We signed in at registration and the whole day was a huge buzz and comprised of some very fast laps and an element of safe competition between friends, some of whom spun off and needed to be be recovered.

We were virtually the last to leave the race track that day, and the weather had by then well and truly shown its hand.

A fantastic day out for which I thank my boy unreservedly.

Back in the day I was both an advanced driver and I also taught newly appointed staff to drive emergency vehicles at speed.

Credit where credit is due though, I felt much more reassured seeing the levels of sheer concentration and progress being made by my lad as he began to read the track and eventually master the challenges it presented him.

Although this obviously sounds biased to the reader; I was hugely impressed at the levels of competence so capably demonstrated in his driving skills and abilities.

Overall I was a proud father indeed.

Nice one Duncan.

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