‘High and Dry’

IMG_1597This young woman in my blog entry today was trying hard to avoid standing in a puddle beneath this fence.

The trainers she was wearing were obviously items which she was determined were going to stay clean and dry, if at all possible.

Her boyfriend was at this time out driving on the race track and she was there of course to offer her support and to  wave him through on each successive lap.

Initially as he drove past her on his first few laps she merely leaned her body weight onto one elbow and waved with her other hand.

Now; having sought out this advantageous viewpoint to observe these laps, (namely this open gap in the fencing)  she happily remained there suspended, just patiently watching out for her boyfriends car to make another of its regular appearances.

During all of this time no rain water was given the slightest opportunity to penetrate those beloved trainers, as this might have caused her unnecessary discomfort.

As you will note she had rather cleverly hooked both of her feet up and over this aluminium pole behind her, thus ensuring beyond any doubt that her feet remained high and dry.

Unfortunately for her though; as her boyfriend grew in confidence he began to swiftly lap other vehicles ahead of him.
So that in her consequent overwhelming excitement at suddenly seeing his car tearing up towards her kicking up a fountain of water spray from the track surface, and now actually in front of these other cars; she momentarily forgot her priority of staying dry.

Swiftly unhooking her feet she then promptly jumped up clapping wildly whilst at the same time plunging both trainers firmly into the middle of the rather large puddle beneath her… creating one almighty splash.

Still…what’s a little drop of water between friends eh?

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