‘It’s not him…is it?’

IMG_7627Over at the market in Chichester when I saw this gentleman pop an apple core into his mouth whilst he retrieved a sandwich from his back-pack.

Just behind me at this time and walking through the market with her Dad was a little girl who suddenly stopped in her tracks and suddenly tucking herself in behind her Dad’s legs excitedly asks “Dad, Dad,…is that Father Christmas eating an apple?” He then smiled down at her.

“It might be him, but he’s probably having a day off today and looking for presents for all the kids who have been good”

“Reindeers like apples don’t they?” she responded “They do Katy they love to eat apples, Maybe he’s buying some today for Rudolph”

Raising the camera I quickly captured the image I wanted, and as I checked the screen so the little girl and her dad walked by him. Although the little girl somewhat more gingerly it must be said.

They both then walked on together between the market stalls. She holding very tightly onto her Dad’s hand all the time, though at the same time looking back curiously at the white bearded gentleman.

Removing the apple core from his mouth he then looked across at her from underneath the brim of his hat and smiled a big smile, whilst at the same time doffing his cap in her direction.

The little girl now with one finger in her mouth simply carried on her way still though casually glancing over her shoulder. Obviously still a bit mesmerised at the thought she had just seen Father Christmas on his day off, visiting the market place, right there in Chichester.

Well!…Stranger things have happened you know!

Now to more serious matters. Have you been naughty or nice so far this year dear reader?

That is the real question.

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