‘Night Light Robbery’

IMG_1487These two brothers were initially in the ‘Burger Co. Restaurant’ which you will see behind them. However having polished off their burgers, I sensed that they had got a bit bored just waiting around inside for their parents to finish their meals.

Consequently they had sidled off from inside the restaurant, deciding between themselves that it might be more fun to venture back out and position themselves underneath the canopy to the one vacant pavement tables which had managed to avoid the downpour.

They then decided that it might be an interesting challenge to maybe explore the internal workings of one of the table lanterns; and to retrieve one of the nightlights held inside. This single act for no immediate or logical reason to anyone else, other than the boys themselves of course; brought them both considerable enjoyment.

Pretty soon however, their fun was to end as the parents were on their way back outside from the warmth and comfort of the restaurant to collect their boys. Immediately ensuring of course that they had their jackets back on, with their hoods up, and were suitably attired to tackle the short journey through the town square and back to their car.

Kids are priceless when it comes to entertaining themselves. Particularly when it appears to parents that there surely couldn’t be anything which could possibly be of interest to them outside.

These two little guys though proved this theory to be wholly incorrect.

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