‘Pizza Hut’


Took our Kaden, Megan, and Harri over to Pizza Hut for a lunchtime meal just the other day.

We went with their mum and dad and we each ordered up our pizza’s which turned out to be ever so slightly larger than we had first envisaged. Ours was reminiscent of the flying saucer craft in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Anyway, the grown ups (as we are currently referred to) quickly piled on a selection of salads from the salad bar and me an my son Duncan sprinkled on liberal amounts of hot chilli flakes.

Meanwhile all three kids by then armed with their bowls and forks circled around the salad bar looking like young basking sharks eyeing up their next meal.

However they chose in the end their favourites like bread sticks, coleslaw, sweetcorn, a large serving spoon full of croutons, and their absolute favourite…cucumber.

Oh and little mad Harri selected some red peppers to add to her side dish. (Rude not to eh?)

Then we all sat together laughing loudly at anything we found funny whilst I snapped my photos whenever I could. We swapped stories about what we had each been up to during the week, and obviously checked with the children how school was going.

I asked Harri at one point what she had been up to at school that day. She casually swallowed what she had been eating, brushed back her hair and smiled at me saying “nothing really gwandan”

(A young lady of few words is our Harri.)

Another bonus though was that we had a very friendly accommodating waitress who made sure the kids were all okay and even gave the girls a balloon each of their choice.

Then with our meals finished it was time for the big finale; so the three kids swiftly headed over to the Ice Cream Factory. Swirls of ice cream surrounded each plate followed by toppings of smarties and chocolate buttons and raspberry and chocolate sauce.

Needless to say it didn’t all get eaten, although we ‘grown ups’ were only to willing to complete this task for them. We then paid our bill and said our goodbyes out in the car park.

Waving frantically to each other we each started up our respective vehicles, and headed for home.

Now please note, in these days of obesity concerns, scoffing pizza is not something we would choose to do on a regular basis with the kids. However I would have to concede that it was really good just to have that bit of a get together, and most importantly enjoy some quality family time. That’s because I always remember this quote from one of my all time favourite films.


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