‘Seafront fun’

I decided yesterday that I might take the van down to the seafront as it was quite blowy and so I wanted to get a couple of images of the sea for the blog.

It just so happens that our daughters place is on the way and as it was my turn to check on their cat ‘Dee-Dee’ who is presently home alone, I thought I best do this first.

Our daughter Jo and her new husband Stef and our little Beau of course are all currently in Mexico on a kind of holiday honeymoon type thingy.

Now as they are due to return today I purchased some fresh bread and milk for them en-route. On my arrival however I find that another ‘cat sitter’ had similarly taken the initiative and already provided these items in advance.

Ah well I thought to myself; I will just take mine back home with me and freeze them down.

I then put the food down for ‘Dee-Dee’ the cat who can look so loveable and super friendly as she wriggles around on the kitchen mat in their kitchen encouraging you to provide her with a belly rub.

I however have been bitten before (literally!) She is one of those cats that will let you know when she’s had enough love and affection, and in no uncertain terms.

Don’t get me wrong she is a beautiful cat and brilliant with our Beau, she just likes to test your metal now and again.

(furry little git!)

So knowing she has ‘previous’ for this type of unpredictable behaviour, as they say on all the best police dramas here in UK, I decide I best attach a piece of ribbon to a pen and entertain her with this instead. From a safe distance you understand and holding a chair out in front at arms length, just for twenty minutes or so. All the time though maintaining eye contact and being very careful to keep my hands at a safe distance from those swift and deadly accurate claws of hers. I even considered donning a pair of very large padded oven gloves, if I could have found any!

Eventually though unscathed, I left her there and took myself off in my van to check out the seafront with my milk and bread on the vacant seat alongside me.

Here than are a selection of the images I managed to get in between cleaning the lens and wringing out my clothing. They clearly show the waves rising high up over the sea wall and drenching those out walking the prom, or parked up in their vehicles. I thought the Brittany Ferry looked quite dramatic in these images as she sailed through towards the harbour entrance to disembark.

Don’t suppose you know anybody who might need any bread or milk do you?

Only saying.

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