‘Dolls House Fair’

IMG_1781We had the pleasure of our Megan’s company last night (Saturday) as she was staying overnight so that she could attend a ‘Dolls House Fair’ with her Nan at Marriots Hotel, which is literally  just up the road from us here.

She was dropped off by her Dad on his way to work. He is a professional DJ and works in a very popular venue here called Bar 38.

Megan was actually asleep in the car as they pulled up onto our driveway and was carried indoors by me. I laid her on the sofa to rest when miraculously within seconds of her father leaving, she was up and tearing around the house excited at the prospect of her attendance at the fair the following day.

We all got up at a reasonable time before taking a shower and enjoying some breakfast before the off. We were there and parked by 10:00am and inside the fair shortly afterwards.

Meg and her nan spent a couple of hours looking around the various stands and eventually came away with a selection of bits and pieces for her own dolls house.

For as long as I can remember my missus has bought the carcasses of old battered pre-loved Dolls Houses and spent hours of patience and love bringing these back to life again. Some she has fallen in love with herself and others are often sold on to new and more caring ownerships.

This is her passion as well as her hobby. Somehow she seems to find this pursuit both rewarding and even dare I say it… relaxing?

Julie recently completed a commission for friends of ours, and which we delivered to them to their obvious delight in time for their first grandchild’s Christmas.

At home though though Ju she has three favourite Dolls Houses which were mostly in a bit of a sorry state and which over a long period of time she has virtually renovated from scratch. These she displays with great pride and which honestly do look incredible from their initial state of repair.

Being somewhat clumsy, I though am allowed nowhere within six feet of them and can only admire from afar.

Here is one such dwelling recently completed.


Just in case anybody reading my blog entry this evening may be further interested, I will happily take some images later of the larger house she has repaired decorated and put lighting into etc for you to see for yourself.

Anyway, I just wanted to close tonight by saying thanks very much for looking… hope you’re all having a brilliant weekend?

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