‘And… Action’

IMG_7346Old Portsmouth on a bit of a dismal overcast afternoon.

By the railings is a group of young local students who are on their fourth or fifth take of a film they are shooting as part of their final project.

I am unable to say exactly what the film they were making is about as they were very engrossed in achieving the effect they were after before the light changed yet again.

It seemed to involve two spies. One whom can be seen staggering off towards the junction and dressed completely in black, and another in a sort of ‘Columbo’ overcoat with a dark trilby hat standing alongside the camera crew.

It was all very intriguing I must say.

Anyway, this first spy walks off holding his trilby on his head from the breeze and then turns right at the junction you will see up ahead in my shot. He then disappears from the camera’s view altogether, only to be swiftly followed behind by this other spy who then systematically retraces his steps mimicking his body language.

Curious behaviour, wouldn’t you say?

Anyway over the years I have learned never to underestimate the smaller and seemingly insignificant things in life; and so in a fit of peak I snapped this image of the action taking place on this particular day, for posterity if for no other good reason.

And who knows…this little film company’s efforts could prove to be such a runaway success that they overtake the eagerly awaited and much anticipated Star Wars movie… possibly even leaving it in their shadows!

So mark my words, you saw it here first. I shall now be very closely watching the ratings with great interest on December 18th 2015 when at long long last …’The Force Awakens’



4 thoughts on “‘And… Action’

    • The photos on the blog are all mine but I’m really grateful that you liked this particular image, and were kind enough to leave me such a nice comment.
      Much appreciated my friend

  1. Good evening Mithai. How nice to see so many likes on my blog page tonight. I really do appreciate your taking the trouble to stop by and leave a kind comment into the bargain.
    You are so kind my friend.
    Made my night tonight you have!
    Luv n peas
    Bob x

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