‘High Tide’

IMG_3866This little lad was determined to see if he could empty the water from this rowing boat which he had been drawn to anchored on the shoreline over at Emsworth the other day.

What is it with kids and water? They are drawn to it like moths to a flame.

And despite an immense degree of patience and coaxing demonstrated from his mum at the time, as well as the offer of several tempting bribes… this little guy was simply having none of it.

Instead, his mind was made up. He was more than happy to stay exactly where he was and to consider all options available to him in bailing out this boat.

Here in the South of England we have been incredibly fortunate not to have suffered the wrath of ‘Hurricane Desmond’ which has caused a huge amount of flooding and devastation further up country.

To the little lad in my image this evening however, this little boat along with several other smaller craft moored up here seemed to be in big trouble, each one having experienced in his mind at least a massive degree of waterlogging.

Don’t you love it when kids find something that captures their imagination? When they suddenly become totally engrossed in what they are doing.

So much so, that they simply will not be distracted from the task in hand no matter what the levels of persuasion.

Eventually though, this little one was reluctantly led away by the hand and up through the high street with mum.

All the time though he remained resolute, determined to get himself back to the shoreline.

I watched a while longer as they both headed off, him still pulling his bodyweight back, straining at his mum’s arm in the hope she might allow him to return to doing what he was so enjoying only moments earlier.

It’s tough being a kid you know?

Thinking about it though, this could be something his parents might want to consider adding to his Christmas list this year?

Stick a life jacket on him and perhaps a snorkel, mask and flippers, and I bet you he would play for hours.

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