IMG_1291Hi everyone who might be visiting my blog today.

I have to tell you that me and my missus and two of our close friends spent the whole day walking through London yesterday. We then attended an absolutely incredible evening at the O2 where we watched the quality musicianship of ‘Mumford and Son’ Who were outstanding… they really were.

And as if this wasn’t enough; prior to them performing I simply must add we were treated to an amazing set from a young musician who was their supporting act. A guy called Jack Garrett, who was seriously talented and well worth a view on ‘YouTube’

I don’t know if you have visited the O2 at all? But we were seated last night at the highest point in there.

If you have watched “The Flight of the Navigator’ movie then this was a very similar experience. It truly felt as you stared down in the depths beneath you, like you were actually in control of a spaceship.

You could almost imagine yourself holding your craft stationary and hovering just above this vast sea of heads beneath you. If you weren’t a fan of heights then this most definitely was not the place to be. Amazing feeling though.

Anyway, we just got home about an hour ago and so I thought I would show you instead, a nice ‘Christmassy’ scene of the tree they have erected in Trafalgar Square.

Now I’m not being funny, I really am not. But it wasn’t all that impressive at all this year… (Just saying)

I am now going to have something to eat and eventually to get around to processing the other images I captured during our visit yesterday.

I hope that you can then enjoy seeing some of the many characters I stumbled across during our hectic and non-stop visit up to the ‘Smoke’

Meanwhile I hope that you all have a great evening this evening.

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