IMG_1334This was the cafe I was sitting in drinking my coffee the other day, as I waited for the train home.

Suddenly as trains arrived below, so people got up vacating their tables and hurried off taking their coffees with them.

In large numbers they headed for the escalators still eating the remainder of the foods they had ordered previously.

The cafe was then considerably less busy, and the large number seats previously occupied…were now readily available.

Just then this very attractive lady then walked over and smiling she took her seat opposite me. She then took out her mobile phone from her handbag and commenced contacting her friends via text.

The text replies obviously pleased her, and she was smiling in response. As she continued to await their arrival I felt I should maybe capture the moment.

I liked the way that the red coat she had chosen to wear seemed to correspond neatly with the two poinsettia plants in their aluminium tubs, there on her table in front of her.

The hustle and bustle of commuters behind her all dashing off for their connections didn’t seem to phase her at all. In fact she had arrived with more than sufficient time to enjoy a bit of quiet reflection for herself.

However, very soon after I took this image, one of her friends did indeed then arrive. And they both embraced before sharing a good hearty laugh together. Then as they both chatted and caught up with one another, so the final friend quietly snuck up behind this wooden bench seat. Then jumping up, she surprised them both by grabbing their shoulders, which sent them all off into shrieks of laughter.

So that was it! The trio were now assembled and re-united.

Then ordering some coffees they began to excitedly anticipate where and what they were all going to do with this whole free day they had ahead of them.

“You just can’t beat a day out up the smoke with your mates now can

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