‘Meg n Harri’

IMG_1548 (1)These two monkeys had a sleepover with us last night.

Yes we had the pleasure of our Meg and Harri along with their big brother Kaden. Who now incidentally is taller than his Nan. To see a more chuffed expression on his little face.. you would lucky to witness again.

Anyway, they played on their ipads and computers for a bit, then the girls decided to rearrange their dolls houses whilst Kaden caught up on a bit of TV in between emptying our fridge of food.

We were still up with them at ten o’clock that evening, but were reliably informed by each one that it’s the christmas holidays and so they could were allowed to be up late.

At eleven o’clock both girls ended up in our bed watching movies together and Kade was still eating us out of house and home. At eleven thirty I carry one knackered little Harri into her own bed
and then Megan was joined by her brother who within five minutes of watching a girly animated movie retired to his large bed in the spare room uttering those immortal words, “But I’m still a bit hungry grandad”

It was soon gone midnight and at last Megan gave up the ghost. But just before she nodded off I guided her sleepily over and into her bed alongside her sister who was by now all snuggled up, and had all but disappeared inside her cosy duvet.

We then had a drink and headed upstairs to get some sleep.

I was awoken by little mad Harri as she bounced onto our bed absolutely full of the joys of er…winter?

They stayed with us until late afternoon and we then drove them all back to see their mum and dad and Diesel the dog and not forgetting the latest edition to their family…’Toothless’ the jet black kitten whom I will try and get a picture of and put up on the blog for you to see soon.

(I think toothless is the name of a little black dragon character in the movie ‘How to train your dragon?’

Anyway I asked the girls if they were excited about christmas and this image was the response I got back from them both before they fell about giggling on the floor.

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