‘Aw…Suits you Sir’

Gunwharf Quays.

The day I took these images was actually wear your ‘Christmas Jumper Day.’

Hence many groups of workers were out adorned in their Rudolph, Santa, or in this particular example,  some very topical ‘Star Wars’ themed knitwear.

IMG_1531However, the two gentlemen in the following image beneath seemed to want to take the theme maybe one step further.

So instead of just wearing a Christmas jumper like the guy above, they were even more determined to stand out in the crowd. Hence their choice of these amazing bright and vivid festive suits.

Even their choice of footwear had been an important consideration.


You will notice that the chap in the red reindeer themed suit had gone for a pair of Union Jack trainers; whilst his colleagues preference on the other hand,was a pair of blue suede shoes.

I loved the eccentricity of these two gentlemen who had certainly brought their own style of festive fun into a very popular venue here in the city.

Snowflakes and Reindeers…are always going to be a winning combination; in my book at least.

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