‘Catching the Breeze’

IMG_3780 (1)The little girl in my image today was racing headlong up through the High Street over at Chichester when she first caught my attention.

Her family were behind her and strolling in her direction chatting, though all the time checking on her whereabouts.

Then suddenly, having raced to this particular spot in the street, she just stopped in her tracks. Then tipping her little head back slightly she momentarily waited to breathe in tbe cool breeze which was lightly blowing in her direction.

I quickly snapped the expression on her face; as by sheer luck I was practically standing alongside her at the time.

From my own experience I am well aware that it is not very often that my own grandchildren are this still for very long. And true to form this little girl was to be no exception.

And within literally just a few seconds of having savoured the breeze she was checking behind her to confirm where her family were; before thrusting her shoulders forward and smiling the biggest of smiles. After which she extended her arms behind her and again tore off again; her curly ringlets of blond hair being caught and waved around her face and mouth by the wind.

I must be honest and say that I was quite pleased with the end result…hopefully it has captured the moment in the way I had hoped it might?

9 thoughts on “‘Catching the Breeze’

  1. It’s awesome that you observe life in all it’s glory.. It’s a gift, denied to many. Love your blog! I am a fan now. I might not be able to come often due to my work and personal life but I will look forward to visiting this beautiful gems of life.

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