‘It’s New Years Eve Eve Eve’

IMG_9070Firstly I hope you like my new style blog, almost all set up and ready now for 2016.

My image today was taken over at Chichester High Street, and as you will observe, it is raining.

(Well in actual fact it’s snowing. But that’s only because it’s free up until the 4th of January courtesy of WordPress.com)

And although these downpours are a common occurrence of late here in UK it is but nothing in comparison with the world of suffering that people up in Tadcaster North Yorkshire, Leeds and Manchester etc are presently experiencing.

As if they hadn’t had enough to contend with already low and behold ‘Storm Frank’ is now threatening to sweep in from this evening effectively putting Cumbria and central Scotland at most risk.

There are four severe flood warnings meaning danger to life currently in force throughout England and Wales, along with 47 flood warnings requiring immediate action.

So on this ‘New Years Eve, Eve, Eve I just hope that the weather for once might change course and give everyone up there in these places some respite and a chance to recover.

So tonight as you sit on your comfy sofa or chair and sip a welcome hot drink whilst watching a favourite television programme, just spare a thought for those less fortunate, many of whom have lost virtually everything including precious personal items and many irreplaceable photographic memories.

And whatever the weather should choose to chuck at us; just count your blessings.

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