‘Coffee and Smarties’

cropped-img_8773.jpgLeft home at 5.00am this wet and dismal morning with my son Duncan.

Just over two and bit hours later we arrived at Mallory Park Race Track to spend a day racing. The rain had been drizzling all the way up there and it became relentless as the day went on.

We ended up ‘aquaplaning’ as the surface water on the track itself continued to collect.

Deciding it was all getting a bit dodgy out there with masses of water spray being kicked up, increasingly limited vision, and some decidedly tricky corners and bends to negotiate, we eventually called it a day and headed back home through even more torrential downpours.

I literally just walked through the door and coffee was the first thing on my mind.

I shall try and post some images later about our day, but in the interim I must share this little story with you.

As I was walking back to our car through the car park I chanced upon a novice driver to racing; he was trudging his way back to the cafe which is on site to buy himself a coffee and a bacon banjo, and to try to dry off.

He looked absolutely dejected and was physically shivering. Soaked to the skin and with raindrops falling from the rim of his now drenched flat cap and shoes squelching with rain water, he passed by me muttering over and over to himself…

“Let’s all go to Mallory Park for a race Track Day they said!!…it’ll be fun they said!!”


I couldn’t stop laughing at him. Probably put him off race days for life today!

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