IMG_1532Well that’s it for yet another year. The decorations are beginning to come down and be put back into their boxes. The tree has been discarded and the mistletoe berries are looking a little less plump and wholesome.

The season of goodwill is over and this is our chance now to welcome in a brand new year together; yes it’s 2016.

So there I was over at Gunwharf Quays the other day, when I had noticed this young woman and her friends all sharing a spot of lunch whilst they sat around together laughing and chatting on this wooden slatted bench. No doubt discussing which gifts each had received on the big day.

Eventually though two of the party then got up, and after placing their discarded paper wrappings into the nearest rubbish bin and sharing the obligatory group hug; headed off to chase up the latest sale bargains.

This one young woman in shot however remained sitting. It seemed to me at least as if she had arranged to meet up with someone special! I say this because she was spending quite a long time texting and re-texting this friend possibly explaining exactly where she was, and what time they might get to meet up.

Which is reassuring really as if she hadn’t taken the trouble to do this; then there was surely no guarantee he would have found her…what with her being camouflaged and all.

“Just saying!”

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