‘Street Vendor’

IMG_6706Chichester High Street and this silverware and handmade jewellery stall always seems to be doing okay whenever I am over there taking photographs.

The young woman who features in today’s blog is very bubbly and chatty with the punters and as an additional bonus her Jack Russell dog certainly adds that bit of extra appeal to any dog lovers passing through.

I think that on this occasion as I was photographing the two of them, the vendor had decided to snap an image of her dog who seemed more than happy to pose for the picture.

I always admire the stall holders over in the town as they are in no way sheltered from the elements when the weather takes a turn for the worse or it is cold and drizzling. They always seem to look out for one another and the quality of the goods they sell is very good and more than reasonably priced.

I also liked her seemingly natural fashion sense. The thick woolen scarf draped casually over her cardigan and black leather jacket, her neat trilby hat covering her blond hair; and then finally the slimfit jeans and the leather buckled ankle boots add that finishing touch to her outfit of choice for the day.

This particular lady however to me at least, demonstrated the most important qualities expected by most punters when it comes to attracting them to her stall.

Namely a genuine friendly welcoming smile,  a pleasant disposition, and lastly a real interest in helping people ‘if required’ to locate what it was that they were actually looking for.

“Oh and the dog….don’t forget the dog!”

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