IMG_1296London town, and I was suddenly asked directions from the lady on the left.

However,  I was unfortunately unable to assist her at the time and apologised saying I that we ourselves were slightly off  track, and were planning to grab a black cab having just found out that the hotel we had booked, was further away than we had initially anticipated.

Her friend though with whom she was visiting the capitol, somehow then  managed then to get a clear signal on her mobile and then to find a more direct route to where they were both headed.

Happily they were soon both smiling again and back on track.

During this time we were all still waiting by a set of traffic lights for them to change in our favour; and so I decided that them standing there discussing the proposed route, might make for an interesting photograph. Made more appealing as the sun was going down behind them and warmly illuminating the normally shadowed archway.

Anyway I took the shot and smiled wishing them both good luck in finding where they were looking for; they acknowledged and waved back in response.

I must admit having now seen the image, that I quite like the end result.

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