‘Carol Singing’

IMG_1607 (1)This was my daughter Jo and her hubby Stef along with my missus Jules and a very excited little Beau.

He was out in the van which he loves to do and we were parked outside of a local pub called the ‘A Bar’ waiting for the carol service to commence.

Beau was given several carol service sheets by the visiting Santa Claus who was present on the night. These he rapidly distributed out to everyone present; either sitting in the van or standing outside drinking their ‘Hot Gluwein’

Then once we were all standing outside with the carol service hymn sheets in our hands, and just as the band struck up their first tune, so Beau decided he was going to bed.

He then took off his shoes, and took off his jacket, then having re-arranged the pillows in the rear seat of the T4 he said goodnight to us all and promptly took himself off for a sleep.


Needless to say he didn’t sleep at all; rather he giggled his head off and stayed in the warm as we all stood outside singing our heads off in the cold.

He’s not daft that boy…but at least he was happy and enjoyed the evening and the opportunity to be up late.

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