IMG_0872 (1)There I was with my little missus. We were sitting in the COSTA coffee shop enjoying a brew together, when the large double entrance doors into the mall opened up, and this young girl strolled in looking very shy and timid whilst tucking one side of her hair behind her ear. She was however wearing one of the biggest smiles you could imagine.

Anyway; she stood alongside this pillar for a little while with both of her hands tucked into the back pockets of her jeans turning her left foot around on the toe and looking really apprehensive yet excited at the same time.

Then within just a few minutes, this young lad then came walking over towards her wearing his cut off denims and with his backpack on. He also was smiling broadly.

Although I was quite a distance away from the pair, I decided to try and grab a shot from where we were sitting. Resting my camera on the tabletop and using the pre-set I focused in as quickly as I could and fired off the shutter.

I was hoping to capture some of the warmth and affection expressed in the facial expression of the young girl. I particularly liked the way her hand was outstretched in this image, just hesitating slightly before they touch.

It warms your heart so it does.

Do you remember your first love? Just stop what you are doing for one moment and think back. I bet you’re smiling now, aren’t you?

My first love was a girl called Jennifer, and we met when we lived in a town in the North East called Hebburn County Durham.

She would often visit me at our house and we would sit up on our garage roof together looking through my collection of ‘Man from UNCLE’ cards.

Our house at the time was sandwiched between an undertaker’s on one side, and a fishmonger’s shop on the other.

Now that my friend was true love…it really was!

4 thoughts on “‘Hiiii!’

  1. Great timing on the photo! You captured their energy beautifully.
    Sweet, hesitant, excited, I can almost feel the butterflies.
    Yes, I remember and I’m smiling. šŸ™‚

    • Aw thanks Lola…this has really made me happy to read.
      I really appreciate your lovely encouraging comments; and i’m even more pleased to hear that you’re smiling right now. Have a great day my friend.
      luv n peas
      Bob x

  2. The picture is adorable ā¤
    You can see that love is in the air! The black and white effect only makes everything more beautiful. I am nostalgic and happy now. Thank you, Bob! šŸ™‚

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