‘Family Breakfast’


We all met around 10:30am this brisk winter’s morning to have a big breakfast together at ‘Watkins and Faux’ which was the old tennis club house I believe.

Surprisingly the seafront was noticeably busy and it appeared a lot of people had decided that a walk along the promenade was the order of the day for them as well.

I have to say that the breakfast we had was exceptional, and a really satisfying start to the day ahead. Having eaten our fill we walked out from the restaurant with that satisfying full up feeling as  we and the two dogs got ready to tackle the biting cold wind blowing along the seafront.

Eventually we end up on the beach as the dogs by then both in their element, ran in and out of the water retrieving a ball. Just the sight of the two of them plunging in the sea this morning was enough to make you shiver your bits off.


So the kids then start collecting shells and pebbles and within half an hour they were all complaining of feeling bitterly cold. So we thought it best then that we head back to the warmth of the van and allow them all to thaw them all out a bit.

When we got home we enjoyed hot chocolate and wrapped ourselves up in blankets, then spent time laughing as we watched the dogs chase one another around the dining room table and generally wind each other up.

This first image of our little Harri was taken when she had borrowed my flat cap after taking a bit of a shine to it.

I did get it back eventually…to find it filled with shells and a pebbles and even a mermaids purse!

(Slightly different you must admit, but interesting nonetheless)

So there we have it everyone,  another eventful fun Sunday out with the family…can’t beat it.


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