‘Game Over’

IMG_2081Saw this lttle guy yesterday after watching him tear around wth this busted leather football on southsea common.

It was obviously very very important to him as he skipped proudly along the prom with his much prized possession clamped firmly in his mouth.

As I am sure you will have already observed yourselves, Jack Russell’s have an innate ability to generate outstanding speed when playing with a ball? So much so that this particular Jack was able to physically balance this one on his nose whilst at the same time running around in ever decreasing circles.

He was indeed the ‘Lionel Messi’ of the dog world(although luckily his owner had brought some extra poo bags to cover such eventualities)

I think had Portsmouth Football Club been out scouting for new players today, then this little chap would have been leaving his paw print on a three year contract; guaranteed!

6 thoughts on “‘Game Over’

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today….so happy you did so that I can enjoy yours! I’m loving your photo’s and posts!

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