IMG_1711City of Chichester and I was over with our Beau trying to entertain him for an hour or so whilst his mum caught up on some computer design work back at our place.

I believe in starting our grandchildren early and so I was explaining to him a bit about ‘street photography’ as you do.

I thought I might start by trying to get him to see if he could spot any interesting things on our way through the city centre which we could then maybe take a photograph of for my blog page.

However it was very cold indeed the day we were over there, and so his levels of motivation began to quickly wain (understandably of course, bearing in mind that he is only three years old)

So I tried then to lighten the mood by promising him we could stop off and have hot chocolate and a biscuit if he could wait just five more minutes; in the hope we might capture an image before hand.

He then spots this little Jack Russell (there’s a bit of a recurring dog theme developing these last few submissions; had you noticed?) Anyway, the owner is on his way to the market to get his provisions for the week ahead and had decided that it might be good to take the dog along with him.

The dog however was a bit like our Beau and appeared to be registering his discontent by grabbing the leash in his teeth and snarling at it as he vigorously shook his little head from side to side and pulling himself backwards.

For such a little dog he sure had some strength I can tell you! He was actually able to pull the owner back a step or two at times; which meant it became a bit like three steps forward and then two steps back again.

Beau though thought this was hilarious. “Take that photo gwandan” he says laughing loudly at the little dog’s antics.

Still holding his hand I managed to raise the camera high enough to snap this shot of the pair as they struggled past us.

Then it was off for hot chocolate and a biscuit together. Beau though continued looking over his shoulder for the dog and laughing as we then made our way towards the cafe.

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