‘This is it Mum’

IMG_7897This is the Guidhall over in the City of Winchester.

I had spent a morning over there taking a look around at what used to be my old haunt where I resided a few years back now. It’s a great place for tourists as I am sure you will appreciate, and people are always walking around trying to locate particular landmarks if they happen to be over there visiting.

This mother and son then were no different; and as you will note, they are both armed with their street maps.

Then it became more evident as I drew closer to them both, that the little lad in particular, was looking very pleased with himself when he realised that he had actually been the one who had been able to get himself and his mum right to their chosen destination.

“This is it mum” he piped up excitedly, as I quickly snapped this image of them both.

His mum by this time looking somewhat relieved to have arrived at last; and no doubt hoping that they hadn’t missed the morning coffee and registration at the event they were attending.

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