‘Doggy Kisses’

IMG_2129We had our Megan over with us last week. Her mum and dad both found themselves with work commitments which they had been unable to re-organise at the last minute after our Megan suddenly began running a temperature, and was complaining of feeling unwell.

After a phone call explaining their plight, her dad then brought her over to us in the car still wearing her PJs.

She then sat together with her nan on the settee sharing a warm blanket and playing on her new iphone touch which we had all chipped in for, on her birthday recently.

We let her watch telly for a bit, and then I suggested that she take a hot water bottle up to bed with her, which raised a welcome smile. So after a little bit of supper and a warm drink I took her up to bed.

She chose the spare room we have with a large double bed and I tucked her in for the night telling her that she could have the day off school tomorrow, and that we would see how she felt in the morning.

Later that evening I went up to check on her, and as I tucked the sheets around her she suddenly sat up opened her eyes.

Looking around her she then sleepily said “gwandan, why are you in my house tonight?” “Actually Meg” I replied “I think you’ll find that you’re in my house sweetheart” then she was straight off back to the land of nod.

Next day I had to take our neighbour’s dog ‘Molly’ out for a walk as she was in hospital for a few days. As I walked her past our door she pulled on her leash towards our driveway. I let her in and off her leash and she literally ran into the lounge where she greeted Meg like a long lost friend.

That was it; Meg and Molly became instant friends. She stayed with us all that morning being fed the occasional doggy treat of course.

Eventually I asked Meg if she would like to walk Molly back home with me, and she could meet ‘Rodney’ the stray cat this very same neighbour had adopted (or should I say the cat had adopted them?)

By then she was feeling a lot more settled and her temperature was back to normal.

Next day I was sitting watching the telly and the phone piped up registering on it’s screen that I had a message from Meg.

I opened it up and it read “Thanks gwandan I am feeling a lot more better now”

“My work here is done… I quietly thought to myself?”

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