‘I’m Stuffed’

IMG_1457This image really caught my eye when I was over in Bedfordshire recently.

The two models seen here dressed in their onesies and wearing these bright colourful wigs, deely boppers and glasses; and both slouched there in this most unladylike pose at their coffee table outside a local wine shop.

They certainly raised a few laughs from the shoppers on their way through the town dodging the showers.

It looked to me as if they were two well intentioned women whose will had just weakened and their New Year’s Resolution to exercise more and to eat more sensibly had gone straight out the window.

Whoever had used them as a prop to draw attention to their premises had obviously thought this through because I wasn’t the first to have taken photographs of these two sorry souls abandoned there outside in the rain.

It got me wondering…”How’s your own resolution holding up?”

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