IMG_1481It was piddling down the day I took this photograph; as you can see from the image above.

Now for anybody reading this who has children you will of immediately relate to the fact that each of them usually has one particularly favourite toy.

That one toy which goes everywhere with them. It even has it’s own name, it is an integral part of their very existence, something which they hold very dearly in their little hearts. That toy who is treasured on a truly different level; a level above that of all of the other toys they hold in their possession.

That’s why this photograph should mean something.

It depicts the weather beaten towering figure of a dad returning back from a punishing bitter uncharted wilderness of Hitchin in Hertfordshire.

Having fought his way through treacherous storms and rain to carry back this sodden wet and forlorn little teddy bear. A bear who had recently fallen from the clutches of his young owner and had been left to lay alone on the cold paving slabs in the town square.

Trodden on kicked and soaked through, his chances were initially looking slim; until that was the faint image of a daddy figure whom he remembered well appeared to him through rain filled eyes. Then reaching down his huge hands plucked him to safety.

Held tightly and considerately sheltered beneath the large black folds of this revenants umbrella he was safe again. Safe and on his way back to the arms of his favourite person in the whole wide world.

Yes yes I know… it’s all an absolute load of crap!

But at least that’s what I always like to imagine in my mind if I am ever asked to search for favourite toys of any of our four grandchildren, and then am lucky enough to find any of them.

And by the way I wouldn’t have hesitated to wrestle this particular bear to thne ground had he suddenly decided to turn nasty.

“That’s just how I roll you see, or even how we roll (if it were me and the bear that is) you know what I mean?

Oh whatever!”

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