‘Connection of Affection’

IMG_0973It was wet and cold as I made my way back to the car. I cupped my hands and blew my hot breath into them in an effort to warm up a little.

Ahead of me was this lady who I think was homeless. She was walking up towards one of the regular street performers whom I often stop and listen to whenever I’m over visiting Chichester.

The guy who sings and plays his guitar and mouth organ is honestly brilliant; and his talent attracts a lot of interest.

He has his own CDs which are great to play in the car and which he offers at a very reasonable price. He brings with him his partner and two little terriers who are so well behaved it’s unbelievable. They often wear little coats if it’s particularly bad weather and they will quite happily sleep behind the amplifiers and speakers that surround him.

It had stopped raining but the pavements were still very wet in the high street but that didn’t perturb this lady who first spoke with the owners before then sitting down on the wet paving stones and showing real affection for each of the dogs in turn.

I took the shot in a bit of a hurried fashion although I liked the way it showed a real connection between the three.

There are some genuinely kind and wonderful people out there and it was just so nice to see that the rain and the damp street weren’t going to prevent this lady from sharing some love and affection, and actually feeling that at least in this particular scenario it was warmly and sincerely reciprocated.

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