IMG_1768Saw this interesting looking bearded gent sitting there on this slatted wooden bench seat.

His shoulder bag by his side, he was enjoying a quiet ‘roll up’ and a rare smattering of afternoon sunshine.

Beards; as you are all by now only too aware i’m sure, are enjoying a resurgence. Consequently shopping outlets are doing a roaring trade selling more and more items related to the looking after of, the trimming of, and even the waxing of one’s facial thatch.

According to the History web pages entitled ‘The history of beards’ attitudes to beards have varied wildly. In Egypt it says, the rich and powerful grew beards which were often dyed and sometimes plaited with interwoven gold thread.

Wikipedia mentions that throughout history societal attitudes toward male beards have varied widely depending on factors such as prevailing cultural traditions and the current era’s fashion trends.

Some religions (such as Islam and Sikhism) have considered a full beard to be absolutely essential for all males to grow one, and mandate it as part of their official dogma. Other cultures, even while not officially mandating it, view the beard as central to man’s virility, exemplifying such virtues as wisdom, strength, sexual prowess and high social status.

However, in cultures where facial hair is uncommon (or currently out of fashion) beards may be associated with poor hygiene or a “savage”, uncivilised, or even dangerous demeanor.

In this particular instance however, armed with such information, I was momentarily uncertain which attitude applied.

So to be on the safe side I decided to adopt the persona of ‘Dynamo’
(arguably the world’s greatest magician)

By applying slight of hand techniques I secreted my camera away from view…then just like smoke; I mingled seamlessly back into the crowd.

11 thoughts on “‘Smoke’

  1. I think a man should earn a beard, personally. A lot of this young hipsters seem to use a beard as a sort of mask for false male bravado, along with the sleeve tattoos and silly hair. Some young chaps carry it off well, while others would do better to shave it off and grow up first. 🙂
    All in good humour really…

    I like this picture of yours though, and I like your analogy of doing a Dynamo. I agree, he’s the most impressive magician I’ve seen to date too.

    I hope all is well in your corner of the universe my dear friend.

    Bess x

    • Aw my lovely Bess…I’ve missed hearing from you my friend.
      I most definitely take your point regarding some of these younger people having the look to carry off the beard.
      I am always amazed these days to see young lads many just in their teens heading to Secondary school with back packs slung over their shoulders and sporting a beard? (What’s all that about?) Some look older than their teachers Bess.
      Reference great magicians…I wanted to go and see the magnificent ‘Dynamo’ over at Brighton but our finances wouldn’t allow on this occasion.
      Mind you, even ‘Dynamo’ can’t make money disappear like I seem to be able to do these days.
      Thank you so much for visiting today I am always really was pleased to see your name there when I open up the WP link.
      And apart from a couple of typical family dramas this end, I am pleased to say we are all doing okay.
      Please give my best to the man and I hope that you’re looking after yourself??
      luv n peas
      Bob x

      • Kids with beards, it’s a strange concept isn’t it? Must be strange for the teachers too!
        It’s a shame you couldn’t get to see Dynamo, he would have been amazing to experience in person.

        You’re right though, money is fluid like water when it’s going out, Bob, but can be like pulling teeth the other way round. Not right is it?

        I’m glad to hear you and yours are doing ok. No family is a family without some drama. Missing my own currently, but they all seem to be doing ok. Wish I would hear from them more, but there you are, that can be like pulling teeth too!
        I’m ok, still settling in. Finally received all my personal belongings from the UK just in time for Christmas, but I still haven’t found my groove yet, hence my absence on WP. I’m not used to having so much time on my hands!
        I’ll pass your regards on to Bill. Take care of yourself today.
        Bess x

      • I am checking out tickets for Bournemouth as well in the hope we can get to see Dynamo…but as you rightly say Bess money is always an issue.
        Im sure though if we are meant to go and see him, then something will prevail. Fingers crossed.
        The drama will hopefully sort itself out and as parents we can just reassure and be there if needed, i’m sure you get the drift though?
        It must be nice to be reunited with your personal belongings again and just give the transition time and i’m positive you will find that elusive groove again soon, and I can see your brilliant images back on WP again more frequently.
        Time is a very very precious gift to be given Beth and it is something that’s only given when people most need it. So just you flow with it my friend, and let things occur naturally and at their own pace.
        Meanwhile I’m sure that being detached from your loved ones is a wrench, but this too will eventually become more bearable and less emotional.
        You and Bill are twin souls who belong together…Simples!!
        luv n peas
        Bob x

      • You have a very profound way of looking at life, my friend. What you said about time being precious really touched me, thank you for that.

        I’m guessing tickets to see Dynamo aren’t cheap. I hope it comes to fruition for you.
        Bess x

  2. Wow Wow …man I like the POV you selected, the mood of the man and your thoughts on the Beard and the wealth of information you gave on ‘Beard making thing’s more interesting. Looks like I am stimulated to do a work on varieties of Beards including coloring,shape & style among both younger & older generations.Cheers !

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