‘In the Zone’

IMG_5787Headphones on and with the volume adjusted accordingly, I noticed this  young woman as she headed over towards the bench seats by the Cathedral wall in Chichester.

I assumed that she was maybe on her hours lunch break from work.

Her plan being I guess, to sit quietly and to roll a cigarette, whilst listening to some of her favourite playlist tunes hopefully uninterrupted.

Her dreadlocked hair and this beautiful detailed indian deity tattoo inked on her upper arm made her a person I was more than keen to try and photograph.

This first shot was one which I liked because she was aware of me being there with the camera and consequently looked cautiously in my direction.

This second shot beneath though, was one in which I managed to catch her in a less guarded moment, as she sat writing some notes, having just rolled herself a cheeky ciggie.


I then noticed this even more detailed inking on her neck and back which was absolutely stunning; and must have taken an age, and a certain degree of personal discomfort to complete.

Having said that, the end result was a real work of art, which was extremely unique in it’s style and craftsmanship.

A very interesting lady whose image I was most pleased to have captured and to feature on my blog this evening.



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