‘Who Knew?’

IMG_0790Now I have some experience when it comes to the misuse of illegal substances; but in all my many years working in drug services, I can’t say that I have never heard of this particular substance carrying such a dire precautionary warning.

It’s no wonder this particular railway platform cafe was as busy as it was when I ventured inside to order a drink for our Beau.

“Would he like some coke?” said the lady behind the counter…”No he would not” I replied “I think we will find our refreshments elsewhere thank you very much.”

In fact it wouldn’t have surprised me one bit to find out that the cakes they were serving in there that day were handmade by ‘psychedelia smith’ herself!

So not wishing to take any further chances we headed off with some speed…oops sorry not speed in the true sense of the word you understand? But in a quite a hurry at least.

Even the train that came past us was going “puff puff puff”

“Now I know that drugs have no boundaries…but crikey, is nowhere safe anymore these days?

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