‘Pick n Mix’

IMG_1889It was so cold yesterday as I made my way along the promenade down on the seafront.

Surprisingly though,’The Cafe on the Beach’ was full to bursting.

Their balcony tables full of some very chunky geezers in rugby track suits and stormproof jackets. The team players were all huddled at one set of tables, whilst their managers and coaches were all sat separately drinking teas and coffees as they perused the menus.

I walked on and just up ahead of me I saw this mum carrying a little scooter in one hand whilst gripping tightly onto the her little lads hand as he pulled her over towards the pebble beach to go and find some shells and stones.

The seagulls were all out in force at the mere thought of some food scraps to guzzle. These are large birds and can appear quite threatening as they dive and swoop each screaming loudly their intention.

The little lad though remained un-phased and had by then achieved his goal in getting his mum onto the beach; where he then proceeded happily to ‘pick n mix’ a selection of coloured pebbles and shells for his mum.

They were joined momentarily by this solitary seagull who was convinced that a meal was possibly in the offing. Sadly this was not to be the case; and so he lifted off turning at speed into the strong sea breezes.

I quickly snapped this shot as I past the pair, who by this time were noticeably shivering from the cold.

Soon after the boy’s mother picked up the scooter, and placed a hand full of shells and pebbles inside her jacket pocket before grabbing her little lads hand.

They then slowly crunched their way off up the beach and towards the cafe.

I guess to get themselves out of the cold wind and to share a hot drink.

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