IMG_1474Taken in Hitchin Hertfordshire recently, I was impressed with this mother’s ability to take this mobile from her shoulder bag enter her code and then text a message in a matter of seconds.

It put me in mind of those ‘quick on the draw cowboys’ from the old Wild West; only less dangerous of course.

In fact that could be quite a good challenge for different age groups and with differing abilities.

The record in our house at the moment to pick up a mobile phone enter its security code, find a recipient to send the message to, and then text the following:
‘I TOOK THE CHALLENGE X’  is currently held by our Megan at under 40 seconds.

Meanwhile I am still trying to find my mobile.

So just for a bit of fun how quick do you think are you on the draw? And can you beat a 9 years old?

Go on…I challenge you. Just see how long it takes you to complete this task. But no cheating now!

And remember the rules. The mobile should be in your bag or in your pocket before you start, and switched off.

“So that’s it…

On your marks, get set, GO!”

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