‘Opposites Attract’

IMG_1953Saw these two mums out with their children along the seafront.

Two things immediately appealed to me as I raised the camera to take this shot.

Firstly the powerful backlit effect created by the sunlight over the water, and secondly the fact that each of the subjects were drawn to look at opposite points of interest.

However, it is now also going to become a special image for me personally as it transpires that this in fact will now be the last shot ever to be taken from my trusty old friend the Canon PowerShot G12.

The clicks and whirs and high pitched whine of the motor after this image was captured were followed by a slow and dignified shutting down of its little leaf shutter lenses and eventual life force.

Despite many attempts to restart it and having sought advice and guidance, I had to eventually accept that it had reached an unfixable state and slipped away to the great street camera garden in the sky.

Having taken this camera with me everywhere it had definitely become a real favourite for me, particularly when it came to street photography.

But sadly my little mate is now no longer able to be the guaranteed ever ready precision instrument I have become so reliant upon.

Unfortunately it’s now time to bid farewell to my G12 SureShot. This image today then is dedicated to its seemingly endless memory card. Thank you G12 for being the camera who just kept giving.

Rest assured I shall keep your little body with me always and maybe one day when technology catches up we can capture some more special moments together again?

Sad Times!

9 thoughts on “‘Opposites Attract’

  1. Great catch indeed Bob Mills.Your observation is fantastic.Title is ‘super catchy’. Thanks for the post. Saddened about your trusty power shot. Yeh that is the way of life. We have to flow along with the path laid by destiny, including your beloved power shot.Looks like some other attractive camera is getting lucky to be hooked by Bob Mills.

    • Good morning sir. I just wanted to thank you kindly for your much appreciated comments regarding my observations. That really lifted me this morning my friend.
      I shall certainly miss my camera, but am now feeling more positive having read these words of wisdom.
      Have a great day today
      Warm Regards

    • Hello lovely Bess. Yes i have a couple to make use of thank you babes. It’s just that I held a particular affection towards that one. (You know how it is? and as daft as it sounds) we each have our favourites eh?
      Lovely hearing from you x

      • Hi Bob. I know how it is. I have my favourite camera too, and it’s the one that has given me the most grief, already having undergone four repairs. I thought I was going to have to send it back in as it started playing up again while me and Bill were in Miami recently. I half expected it to die completely this time. I think the threat of replacing it scared it back into working again, at least that’s what I like to tell myself! 😉
        Lovely hearing from you too. Enjoy your weekend, my lovely friend. x

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