“Harri is Six’

Our little Mad Harri was six years old yesterday…OMG time just flashes me by these days.

She asked if we could all meet her and share some cake and pressies at a place near to where we live called ‘FlipOut’ This is best explained by the photographs attached.

In essence it is  a safe well managed if slightly overly expensive place, where kids and their families can swop their shoes for some natty looking slip on socks, and bounce about to their hearts content.

It all lasted approximately one hour and Harri and her brother and sister and cousins eventually ended up in a ‘Hurricane Simulator’

It has to be said that our Beau was initially really keen on joining in, until it practically sucked his hair out by the roots and I had to retrieve him as he went into a mild panic mode.

Once rescued though he then stood beside me looking mortified. The only way I can describe what he looked like was that it was reminiscent of someone having just stuck their fingers inadvertently into a live plug socket. Bless his little heart he looked like a miniature version of Emmet “Doc” Brown, the professor character from ‘Back to the Future’ He’s hilarious, he really is!

But hey…he tried it. So credit where credit is due little man,  and not forgetting that he is still only three after all.

Then it was cake and coffee and a chat before everyone had to head off to their respective Saturday commitments.

It most definitely was all good clean fun.

So Happy Birthday  little Harri baby girl, me and your Nan are so glad you had a good time bouncing for England, and we hope that you enjoy all of those lovely gifts you received sweetheart.

Oh and I hope you like the photos?


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