IMG_2384Chichester High Street and as usual there were a good few people around due in no small part to the fact that the shools were still enjoying their half term break.

It wasn’t a bad day over there although most shoppers whom I saw were well wrapped up against the cold.

Having taken a few shots I was headed down through town to grab a bite of lunch.

It was then I spotted this somewhat eccentric looking character who suddenly appeared resplendent before me.

In his trilby hat and with red man bag slung over his shoulder his classic black and white chequered trousers all matched up in a fine buttoned down tartan jacket.

Luckily for me he had decided to stop and consider the bargain offer which was before him for these fresh crisp apples.

Having pondered there for a moment or two, he eventually decided that maybe these weren’t for him…at least not that particular morning anyway.

Then turning to face me he slowly raised the roll of aluminium foil which he held in his left hand, whilst still maintaining eye contact with me.

He then nodded whilst touching the rim of his trilby with the foil and closing his eyes smiling broadly as he did so. He then politely walked by me to rejoin the steady throng of shoppers.

See…there are still a few gentleman out there you know, even those who are possibly ever so slightly eccentric in their fashion sense and colour co-ordination.

And long may they continue to stand out in the crowd.

One thought on “‘Tartan’

  1. Bonjour,
    Je viens de découvrir ton blog et je trouve que c’est vraiment joli : les décorations et surtout les contenus
    Jadore ta facon d’écrire et tes images
    Je me suis abonné à tes flux pour ne pas louper tes dernières actus
    Merci de visiter aussi mon blog et t’y abonner
    Que penses tu de mes dernières publications :
    bisous en attendant de te lire

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