‘Pit Stop’

IMG_2392Picture this. The weather isn’t up to much. The morning at work has been far from dynamic, and come to think of it; the afternoon isn’t holding out too much promise either.

You glance up at the clock to find it’s five more minutes until your lunch break. Slipping on your jacket you head out with one thing in mind…Foood!

But then comes your first dilemma. What do I fancy today? Hmmmm maybe a burger?

You check the time on your mobile phone, it’s already a quarter past twelve as you head up through the town to purchase your food for lunch. Only three quarters of an hour remain as you queue up and wait to be served. At last it’s your turn. “One burger and onions please” you chirp. “Tomato sauce and Mayo are on the counter there my friend” says the proprietor, “Cheers!’ you reply squirting sauce on the inside of the bun.

“Thanks a lot” you shout as you leave the cafe and step back outside into the precinct, desperately hoping to secure a place to sit and enjoy your food. You glance again at your watch. It’s gone half past twelve. Just thirty minutes left before you need to return to the ‘Grind’

But there it is the elusive empty bench seat you had been hoping for. You dash across and sit down trying to casually unwrap the prize that is your lunch.

But typically your bench is suddenly no longer yours and yours alone. You are joined by another guy, a stranger, who coincidentally was with you not five minutes ago in the lunch queue.

You completely ignore one another as is the norm for us Brits, heaven forbid you should inadvertently make eye contact and need to speak.

And there you sit, eyes slightly narrowed and allegedly reflecting on your day ahead.

As the last morsel enters your mouth you lick your fingers as you scrunch up the paper wrapper and make for the litter bin opposite. The pointers on the clock in town are nearing one o’clock as you commence making your way back to work.

“How was your lunch?” says your colleague.

“Excellent” I really enjoyed it you fib removing your jacket and returning to your chores.

Just another day in Paradise.

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