‘Listen and Learn’

IMG_2852I went for a walk down to Old Portsmouth. I wanted to see how the revamp of the Hot walls was going down there. Work is now well underway at the place we know locally here as the arches. We can all look forward to getting 13 new art studios, as well as a brasserie and cafe. New life is to be breathed into this project and is similar to one built in Brighton.

This is funded through a 1.75m grant from the government’s Coastal Communities Fund. This will mean 23 new jobs being created and 82 positions indirectly.

Anyway I parked up the van in Pembroke Way so that I could take a walk along the top of the walls.

It was a bright crisp morning and the sun was piercing through the clouds as I walked up the ramp to take in view across the harbour. The IOW ferry was steaming through in front of me when I noticed this young woman who had leaned her cycle against the benches in front of me then took out some study materials and headphones and finally her mobile phone.

Climbing up on to the corner of the sea wall she then plugged in her headset settled her headphones on her head and began her studies; she sat there cross legged nodding to the music and looking surprisingly comfortable in the process.

So I grabbed my opportunity to fire off a shot or two, and this is the one which seemed to capture the moment best.

I don’t know about you, but there are definitely worse places I could think of to sit and read stuff.

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