‘Out Scooting’

IMG_2827Out with the boy again and of course he’s one happy little bunny today because he is able to ‘scoot’ as he calls it. And boy oh boy can our Beau scoot?

We parked the van up on the seafront which is currently free (so miracles do happen after all) Trouble was the locking mechanism on the central locking has decided that it will lock only when it wants to. Consequently I had to stay near the van whilst Beau and his nan took off through the Rose Gardens around the back of the model village (another of our Beau’s favorite haunts) and then off through to canoe lake, and back along the promenade and to where I had parked up.

This is the shot I got of his little face as he scooted up towards me, feeling very proud of himself at the speeds he had achieved on his travels.

Stopping beside me he then excitedly related the tale of where he and his nan had been; and emphasised that he was now very tired and so felt that an ice cream would go down well. So we then moved the van a little closer; purely for security purposes you understand; then we took our seats on the balcony overlooking the beach.


Beau scoffed his ice cream experiencing a mild degree of brain freeze in the process, but undeterred he battled through like the little trooper he is.

We then did the length of the front in the van before heading back to our place for some beans and sausage.

“Livin the dream we are…Livin the dream!”

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