‘And Me!’

IMG_2817Couldn’t resist catching this image of a beautiful young Beagle pup being walked along the seafront by his owner.

The little boy being pushed along in the pushchair had woken up and was obviously feeling a bit thirsty at the time.

However, no sooner had his mum managed to locate his drink and put the plastic straw into the carton of Ribena, than the little dog then decided that maybe he should get to share some as well.

He was such a sweet little pup and responded so gently when interacting with the baby.

The mother was calm and very tolerant towards him and once corrected he quickly got down from the pram and obediently resumed his walk without any further fuss at all. He really was as good as gold.

Out of interest we are presently dog sitting for the next three weeks… or should I say ‘I’ am dog sitting for the next three weeks as our friends from Bedfordshire are away on holiday.

We have ‘Molly the Collie’ staying at our place with us, and she also is a pleasure to have around she’s no trouble at all. She has definitely made herself at home since we picked her up three days ago, and it’s my job to take her out twice a day, feed her and clean up her mess; which I do willingly as she is great company.

She is a gentle soul and I shall try and get a decent photograph of her for the blog page, once our weather here hopefully improves.

At the moment I’m getting through loads of old bath towels which I take with me in the van, and I seem to spend most of my time lately trying to ensure her paws are clean and her fur is as dirt free as possible which is tough when she absolutely adores getting into mud and puddles.

(It’s all good fun though.)

Thanks for stopping by.

I just hope the weather where you are, is being kinder to you than ours is at the moment.

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