‘Crossing Over’

IMG_2856Don’t really understand why I have entitled this image ‘Crossing Over’

When I took the shot I was just waiting for the Continental Ferry to pass by and negotiate the harbour entrance. This is something which many visiting photographers seem to want to capture, even setting up tripods to time lapse it’s steady progress.

On this occasion I was however merely seeking out a vantage point to see if I might be able to catch the Ferry sailing through from a slightly different perspective.

Then quite unexpectedly I felt somewhat drawn instead to photograph this particular image instead.

Later that afternoon when I was downloading these shots I once again found myself looking more deeply into this photograph. And for no apparent reason it held a kind of spiritual connection with me.

Now I do know that much of what I am rambling on about today is probably making little or no sense to you as a reader.

But it actually set me reflecting back to the many old souls from days past who had themselves stood precisely where I was standing that day; and even upon the very same foundations.

Today though most people, such as those caught in frame today will simply cross over and continue on their journey through life without even giving such things a second thought.

And time as the saying goes…just marches on!

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