IMG_2421Chichester Cathedral and I notice this elderly and very elegant lady waiting for her bus.

She had checked the timetable and began cupping her hands and blowing into them to keep them warm.

I thought she would make for an interesting capture standing alone and suitably dressed for the weather. She actually looked nice and warm wearing her very fashionable black and white woolen coat and with this blue visor placed neatly over her recently permed silver hair.

As I walked over towards her in the hope of capturing a quick photograph, she had just finished rummaging in her bag for a pair of sunglasses which she placed on her face and then the final accompaniment her black fluffy mittens which he pulled onto her hands literally seconds before the bus arrived at her stop.

She looked very relieved to get off the pavement and inside the vehicle, experiencing its warmth. She then showed her pass to the driver who smiled as she carefully made her way to the middle of the bus and took her seat before signalling right and driving away.

This recent drop in temperature is definitely taking its toll lately, and consequently although the sun is shining brightly, it can be very deceptive once you are out and about in it.

But despite these concerns I thought not only had this lady in my image today dressed appropriately for such conditions she had also done so with a great deal of style and panache.

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